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SPRUCE Support Site
The support area is for registered users only. If you are registered or want to register, please click "Welcome Guest" and then either login or choose "Need an Account" to continue.

Important Notice

At the end of September (2016), the company providing hosting for this web site notified us that effective October 31, 2016, they will no longer be supporting our hosting plan.

Due to this, this web site (curently accessed from the URLs: and will no longer be available after that date. At or near the end of October, any visitors to this site (via the URLs listed) will be redirected to our shared support portal ( We have been transitioning to the new shared portal over the past year, and were planning on phasing out the use of this site at some point in the coming months; however, due to this news, this will be happening sooner than we planned. The new portal offers most of the same resources plus adds the ability to create and view support tickets.

Release 11.10.1 (and later) offers a "check for updates" option allowing your company to check for new updates and download/install a release if available. This option is for server installation only. We kindly ask that any companies who do their own updates download and install the latest version before the end of October. Admin users will still receive a notification through the application once a new update is available; however, we will no longer be sending mass notifications out by Email.

Despite the fact that our new support portal offers access to resources such as videos and report downloads, we are working on also adding these as options within the application's Help file. This will provide a second access point that doesn't require the support portal. We will have these available in the Help soon. No software update is required for Help updates.

The only remaining item that hasn't been addressed is the enhancement request process. We are working on creating an application based feature that allows requests to be made and inquired upon directly from the application. We are hoping to have this option in an upcoming release. Existing requests will be retained. There may be a short period where requests are not available; however, we are working to minimize or eliminate this window.

Support Site Transition

Welcome to our support area. The support area is a resource available to all licensed users of SPRUCE products. A valid user account is required for access. If you already have an account, please log in (from the expanding panel near the top of the page); otherwise, you may request one now. Reminder options are also available (from the same panel at the top of the page) if you have forgotten your user name or password.

Access to the support area includes the following:

  • Free Crystal Reports® Downloads
  • On-line Training Registration
  • Additional Documentation
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Contact Information
  • Support Hours & Holiday Closings
  • Enhancement Request Submission
Crystal Reports is a registered trademark of Business Objects Software Limited.
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